Our physiotherapists are trained to deal with a wide range of sporting injuries. Prompt assessment and diagnosis is essential to ensure successful treatment and rehabilitation.

Physiotherapy plays an integral role in the management of many common sporting injuries. The aim of physiotherapy intervention is to rehabilitate the patient post injury and to prevent further injury, enabling the patient to return to sport as soon as possible.

Injuries can occur in all sports. Overuse injuries take place in sports that require repetitive movements such as swimming, running or tennis. Whereas, contact sports such as rugby or soccer, where there is a high level of impact and sudden change of direction increases the risk of strains and/or tears to muscles, ligaments and fractures.

Once the injury occurs, the goals of physiotherapy initially are to protect the injured area and control the inflammatory process. As the healing phase (within the first 72 hours) begins your physiotherapist will provide you with appropriate exercises to begin re-strengthening the affected area. As you progress through your rehabilitation program, specific exercises will be prescribed to ensure your body is ready to return to sport safely. Depending on the type of injury and the particular sport you’re returning to, further advice may be given regarding stretching programs, core stability exercises and athletic equipment such as footwear to prevent further injury from occurring.

Should further investigation be required, our Physiotherapists may refer to a sporting physician and/or specialist.