Sydney CBD High Performance Program | 4DHP

4D Health & Performance was founded on the vision of an all-encompassing service founded on the back of a multi-disciplinary approach balancing strength & conditioning, physiotherapy, & sports chiropractic philosophies to provide our members with the capacity to go all in and leave nothing on the table as they take guided action and execute on their goals every single week.

The 4D High-Performance program has been structured to help anyone with a goal & good attitude. We have designed an onboarding system that allows us to get to know you and your goals. This entails a one-on-one screening consultation to identify your specific needs and identify the best way to help you move forward from where you are today to where you need to be.

4D High Performance Program

Whether you are an aspiring athlete, an accomplished athlete, or someone who is looking to take your physical preparation to the next level, we understand that the journey to higher performance is multi-faceted and varied in nature. Performing at a higher level has little to do with how much you can bench press or squat and everything to do with the team you surround yourself with, your ability to achieve balance across your training sessions on the track or field, and in the weight room, having the know-how to ensure niggling injuries aren’t keeping you from training & competing. As does everyone, we can almost guarantee you are already trying to juggle these parts of your physical preparation on your own, then add your personal life into the mix and things can get overwhelming at times.

Therefore, we have developed the 4D High Performance Program, we have the team, the systems, and the experience to manage this journey not for you, but with you.

At 4D we understand that our role is to complement your overall training and performance schedule, not to take over your schedule. Therefore, we believe it is crucial for us to be in regular communication with the rest of your team, be it the head coach of your track team, sports team, dance teacher, or technique coach. If we can communicate effectively with your other coaches, we can stay informed regarding what you are doing outside of your 4D sessions to ensure that your hard work here is aligned with everything else you are doing externally!

To acquire a level of physical performance that you have never achieved before, you need to act like you never have before. We strongly believe our program will fulfil this for you.

What does the program involve?

Strength Training

Strength is the one capacity which directly underpins every other component of your physical development and is the answer to most problems which arise regarding physical performance. Injuries tend to occur when our body does not have a robust response the desired movement pattern. “Strong things don’t break” is one of our favourite quotes, although we wish this were entirely true the reality with competitive sports is at some points along the way the risk you will incur injuries will heighten, therefore one of our primary objectives is to reduce this injury risk.

Our method is simple - begin by identifying any weaknesses then strengthen them, and never stop doing so. If you want to build a strong house your foundations need to be deep! That sound simple - because it is. So simple in fact that most people in competitive sports tend to skip this step or do it once and then never revisit their weaknesses until they are injured. We prefer the proactive approach, not the reactive one. Our programs are delivered and monitored using the TrainHeroic online system giving you direct access to your program and our coaching staff.

Energy System Development

Is a method of conditioning designed to develop specific energy systems to which you may otherwise not be exposed regularly.

The body uses three energy systems:

  • Anaerobic - Alactic (100m sprint)
  • Anaerobic - Lactic (400m running, rugby, soccer)
  • Aerobic (endurance events).
However, the interesting part is that no matter the sport, intensity, or duration your body actually uses all three energy systems all day every day. Sure, if you are a sprinter your body will predominantly use fuel through anaerobic pathways, even during a 100m sprint athletes utilize up to 13% of aerobic contribution. If you aren’t enhancing the efficiency and capacity of all three energy systems, you are quite simply leaving better results on the table!

Our ESD sessions will allow you to pick up these extra 1 percenters and improve your performance overall, through the manipulation of specific effort and recovery periods.

On-field Conditioning

As well as our Energy System Development program we realise those of you who compete in multi-directional sports also need to run! Every aspect of high-performance running mechanics can and should be trained and developed. Due to this we have designed an outdoor field-based conditioning program in which we get out and do the hard work many people avoid - run! This is particularly important if you are returning to running activities after an injury.

This program begins by initially measuring not only your current fitness level but also your speed. From this point, we put together a running program designed specifically for your needs including conditioning, change of direction, and agility components. To ensure you are covering every angle of your physical preparation and leaving nothing on the table, if your sport involves getting from A to B quickly, in a repetitive fashion, you need to be running and running well!

As a member of our High Performance Program, you have access to:

  • Alter G Anti-Gravity Treadmill
  • AxIT Force-Plate Assessment System
  • Extensive private gym space with high-performance aerobic and strength equipment
  • Field-based sessions
  • Indefinite access to professional advice and education on individual performance and injury

Our clients have varying backgrounds:

  • Short and Long-distance running
  • Track & Field
  • Triathlon
  • Trail Running
  • Rugby League
  • Rugby Union
  • Gymnastics
  • Soccer
  • Gridiron

  • Tennis
  • Irish Dancing
  • Basketball
  • Baseball
  • Golf
  • Ju-Jitsu
  • Boxing
  • Judo
  • Cycling